Bahot Khamoshi hain,

Apni aawaz bhi ab aawaz nahi karti!







Image and poem copyright:Yasmin Khan.


Travel diaries-Gems of Idaho

Hiii,Hope you all are doing well❤

Sharing with you all couple of pics of this weekend outing😊

Idaho is such a beautiful state.I am in love with the natural beauty here.And we don’t have to travel too far for it.Most places are just 3 hours travel from my city.

Saturday we travelled to Twin falls ,Idaho to visit the Shoshone falls.

Enroute we had 2 more wonderful places to visit .

Our first stop was the Ritter Island State Park and Thousand Springs.

At thousand springs we see many springs coming out of the mountains and they look beautiful😍

After Thousand springs we headed to the Niagara Springs State Park.This one is one of my personal favorite😊

I can sit at Niagara springs for hours.The sound of water,The purity in its color is beyond beautiful. I wonder how can something moving at so much speed stabilize my heart and mind so much❤

After Niagara Springs we visited the famous Shoshone falls.I do love this waterfall but my most favorite has always been Multnomah falls😄

Shoshone is a beauty.All those who visit Idaho must definitely see it😊

Late afternoon we headed home thinking that Sunday would be a rest day.We all woke up late and had a late breakfast.After finishing all chores I thought of checking Instagram.And there was a post by my fellow photographer from Boise,a picture of Lavender festival.And I suddenly was not tired at all😄.I got everyone ready and we went to the festival. BTW Lavender is my favorite so I had to go 😄And I am so glad I did😊

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too🤗❤

God bless!!!

Keep smiling💜

Itr-e-Ishq/Fragrance of love.

Teri lafzon ki khushboo se sukoon-e-hayat mehekne lagi,

Meri ghazalon mein ab tere ishq ki itr ghoolne lagi,

Abdeeda aankhen tere manzar ke liye tarasne lagi,

Meri duaaon mein tere naam ki aawaz goonzne lagi.


Tere khayalon ki nikhat se mera zehen attar ka baazar lagta hain,

Hazaron tukdo mein bataa dil ek hoke dhadakta hain.


Harf-e-ulfat se apni,mere labon pe naksh bana de,

Tareeq raaton mein meri apni aashiqui ke charaagh jala de.


Par-sukoon makhlookhiyat meri ab Raqaas-e-ishq karti hain,

Mehek-e-tasavvur teri iss jild mein jaan bharti hain.



The aroma of your words brought the essence of tranquility in my life,

Your love is adding fragrance to my poetries,

Tearful eyes desire to see you one time,

My prayers now echo your name everytime.


My mind has become a perfumary by your fragrant thoughts.

The heart broken in thousand pieces,now beat as one.


Let the words of your affection mark this lips,

Let your love enlighten my darkest nights.


The calm being me,now dance in love,

The fragrance of your love put soul in this skin and bones.






Image and poetry Copyrights:Yasmin Khan.